Strategy & Governance Consulting

Advise on building or refining systems fit for managing existential insider threat risk to the enterprise. Assist leadership in strengthening corporate resilience and the ability to manage complex competitive threats.

Human-centric Program Development

Develop and deliver tailored training and employee engagement practices that benefit enterprise and personal resilience by emphasizing a human-centric approach to security.

Integration with Cybersecurity Functions

Complement existing cyber & infosec monitoring and threat management functions’ investment, methods, or infrastructure.

Global Logistics Advisory

Through decades of experience, we have developed a set of best practices for navigating the difficult challenges of international business.

Technology Integration

Strategically leverage a consortium of trusted, best-in-class technology partners, working closely with our clients to integrate the newest cutting edge technologies into full-scope, ruggedized modular packages that can be delivered to clients anywhere in the world.

Crisis Management & Special Matters

Details available on request.